Cleaning Glasses Lenses

cleaning glasses lenses

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thick glasses, side view

thick glasses, side view

Here's a side view of how thick my lenses are. When I chose these frames the painfully fashionable salesman asked "You know your lenses will be REALLY thick and obviously stick out from these? Do you want a full wrap around frame?" "yeah" "you know that might look a little weird in these skinny frames?" "yeah i'm okay with that" ...he was so frustrated. Anyway...that groove on the edge is the one they automatically cut in lenses so the frame can grip the lense, Ellie Beziat thought they were just so thick it was the seam where two lenses were fused together.

Bleeding glass

Bleeding glass

Creme in water/gin mix.

Strobist: double layer of A4 tracing paper just filling the frame as background. 430ex 1/8 (?) at 70mm from behind (about 50cm). Glasses stand on a thick piece of glass. PS: contrast and background cleaning, and desaturation of some chromatic aberrations (these glasses are really poor lenses :))

cleaning glasses lenses

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