How to clean a glass table - Clean cloth car seats.

How To Clean A Glass Table

how to clean a glass table

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Photo 54/265 - Unloved

Photo 54/265 - Unloved

Photo 54/365 - 23 February 2010.

My work queue at the moment is a FIFO model, first in, first out. Take a number if you want things done.

I was planning to resort to a boring flower photo of some sort today, but whilst sitting at the dining table hammering on a Word document, I saw how the sunlight was streaming beautifully through a set of windows.

Also caught my eyes were these annoying cobwebs. It felt like just yesterday I had clean all of them off outside the house but they are back again. Instead of cleaning them off today I decided a photo was warranted - how can I make something so mundane look a little more interesting?

Making it a set of tables

Making it a set of tables

This is a table my sister mosaiced while she was here about 5 years ago. She showed me how to do mosaics, so I can blame all the craziness on her. This work was done on a cheap plastic outdoor table, and it has spent some time outdoors and shows a bit of wear. I want to regrout it this year. The hear is made from small stones and the rest is bits of what ever glass we had around.

I have always wanted to make a matching set out of her table and one of mine. The matching table is a bit stained, but cleans up alright. I plan on making a male counter part to her female. Here you see it sketched out a bit.

how to clean a glass table

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