Scanner Cleaning Supplies

scanner cleaning supplies

  • someone who scans verse to determine the number and prosodic value of the syllables

  • a radar dish that rotates or oscillates in order to scan a broad area

  • an electronic device that generates a digital representation of an image for data input to a computer

  • A machine that examines the body through the use of radiation, ultrasound, or magnetic resonance imaging, as a diagnostic aid

  • A device for examining, reading, or monitoring something, in particular

  • A device that scans documents and converts them into digital data

scanner cleaning supplies - Panini Waffletechnology

Panini Waffletechnology Check Scanner Cleaning Card

Panini Waffletechnology Check Scanner Cleaning Card

Eliminate dirt and ink buildup with a Panini approved cleaning card! Panini Check Scanners require regular preventive maintenance to maintain clean images of checks. This product will clean lenses, check paths, belts and guide rollers to keep the unit operating properly. Check scanners accumulate dirt from pollutants in the environment and by checks being processed. This dirt collects and clouds the optical lenses, which are the most critical components of the scanner. These optics allow the imaged check to become a legal document for check clearing as stated in the Check 21 law. The ability of the scanner to properly create the image is why the optics are the most critical component of the scanner. Panini Waffletechnology Check Scanner Cleaning Cards were developed to clean the scanners optics of built up dirt and ink. In addition, it will also clean the magnetic heads and the transport roller mechanisms that allow the check to pass through the scanner. This card, when used as a consistent maintenance product, will keep your Panini Vision XTM, My Vision X and I:DealTM Check Scanner performing as designed. This product works on Panini VisionXTM, Panini My VisionX® and Panini I:DealTM check scanners Panini Waffletechnology Check Scanner Cleaning Card is an approved product by Panini for use on the Vision XTM, My Vision X® and I:DealTM Check Scanners. This product was developed and tested to be an effective means of maintaining this equipment through a joint development project between Panini and the engineers at Waffletechnology® How Waffletechnology ® Works Waffletechnology is an advancement in cleaning card technology. The cleaning waffles are flexible, raised platforms which allow the card to thoroughly clean areas within the scanner. Now more dirt and contaminants are removed than ever before, leaving your check scanners cleaner and more reliable. Usage Recommendation: Equipment is recommended to be cleaned once (1) per week

80% (10)

Denver to Albuquerque a change of scenery

Denver to Albuquerque a change of scenery

Simple, simple, simple. That's just the way i like it. This is pretty much an ultra clean setup with just the basics. I don't need anything more fancy or high end. Just a place to read, research, write and draw (oh, and playfully terrorize the cat.) Sometimes simplicity is the best technology.

This is what I have running to get things done in my world:

Mozilla Firefox (with the usual add-ons)
Evernote (desktop, online, Blackberry)
Roxio Media
OfficeTab 1.2 (specifically WordTab)
Direct Folders
Google Apps (Mail, Voice, Chat, Sync, Earth, Picasa)
Auslogics BoostSpeed
Outlook 2007 w/Enterprise Server (plus Taglocity, Xobni, LinkedIn toolbar, WorldMateLive toolbar, Evernote Clipper, Sender TimeZone)
and probably a bunch more "critical" programs I'm forgetting...

Targus Port Replicator
Canon PIXMA MP 500 printer/scanner
NeatReceipts Scanner
Gateway T-Series Laptop (Vista Home Premium, AMD Turion 64, 240 GB HD, 2GB RAM, HDMI out)
Canon Digital Rebel xti
Blackberry Curve
Case Logic Bluetooth Stereo Headset
CA microphone (for Skype)
MS wireless mouse
Altec Lansing speakers
Curtis surge protector
Buffalo NAS (other room)
Buffalo Air Station Turbo G (other room)
Belkin Wireless G MIMO Router (other room)
Three Maxtor 500 GB Hard Drives (other room)
Comcast modem (other room)

L shaped desk (free off of Craigslist!)
Metal mesh project folder holders
2 brushed nickel desk lamps (smoking deal on these at a consignment shop)
collapsible drafting table (not shown, $15 on Craigslist)
dual bike stand (NIB for $10 on Craigslist)
cat (optional, free off Craigslist)

Worms & Coffee & a strand of Hair

Worms & Coffee & a strand of Hair

Been very busy as of late. Went to the beach last weekend, celebrated 52 years of life here on our planet on Tues. & worked a total of 42 & 1/2 hours from Wed. to Fri. I'm recovering today.

But don't you hate it when the employees at the local photo lab can't even take time to clean the scanner!

So what would you prefer! Worms in your coffee or hair?

scanner cleaning supplies

scanner cleaning supplies

Zadro Nano UV Disinfection Light

For office, home or travel, the new Nano-UV Disinfection Light Scanner by Zadro Products eliminates 99.99% of bacteria, mold, fungus and virus surface contaminants in only 10-seconds from virtually any type of surface to promote better health in a more germ-free environment. This easy-to-use handheld, battery operated unit is approximately the same size as a compact cellular flip phone and disperses a UV-C light that provides a proven germicidal killing zone of 253.7 nanometers (nm). This is the same type of UV light that is commonly used by hospitals to sterilize surgical rooms. The compact Nano-UV Disinfection Light Scanner employs a long lasting (5,000 hr. rated) ultra violet bulb that effectively kills 99.99% of all germs from any type of surface with a quick 10-second sweep by the Nano Scanner. For easy operation, users simply flip open the unit, click the 10-second auto-timer side button and sweep the light 1/4" to 4" over the desktop, computer keyboard, phone or any other desired surface area where germs collect.

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